90% of All Hondas Here at Freeway Honda Are Made in the U.S.

Honda Manufacturing
Honda works hard to support the American economy as well as provide great cars at an affordable price for drivers across the country. To help achieve this goal, Honda runs a dozen different manufacturing plants across the country. In fact, the 12th manufacturing plant in the country just opened this...[read more]

Load Up Your Honda HR-V for the Long Beach BBQ Festival

2016 Honda HR-V Santa Ana
Summer is here and the nice days are coming in waves. With so much to do around Santa Ana, California your 2016 Honda HR-V is the perfect ride to get you to wherever you want to go. You can load up friends and head to the beach or even Disney...[read more]

Why Safety Rules in the Honda Odyssey

2016 Honda Odyssey Rearview Camera Santa Ana
The 2016 Honda Odyssey comes with numerous safety features to ensure a smooth, comfortable and most importantly a safe ride when you are out on the road. Below you will find a summary of the safety features found within the 2016 Honda Odyssey. Active Safety Features of The 2016 Honda Odyssey A...[read more]

How the Honda CR-V Keeps You Connected

2016 Honda CR-V Connectivity Santa Ana
The SUV crossover field is one of the most crowded in the cart industry, but this field sees one standout performer in the Honda CR-V. In the most important areas every family enjoys, the 2016 Honda CR-V will maintain its position in 2016 as one of the roomiest and economical...[read more]

Which Honda Civic Trim Best Fits Your Style?

2016 Honda Civic Trims Santa Ana
People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to cars; it is, therefore, important to buy a car that can best fit the features that one is looking for. There are many Honda cars that have different features that which will fit different people. It is, therefore, important to...[read more]

Let’s Compare: 2016 Honda Accord vs. Nissan Altima

2016 Honda Accord EX Comparison Santa Ana
The 2016 Honda Accord & 2016 Nissan Altima are both cars that many people like but do not know the advantages that one may have over the other one. Though they are produced by different manufacturers, the cars have similar features that make many people think that they can be...[read more]

Head to the Long Beach Crawfish Festival in Your Honda Odyssey

Long Beach Crawfish Festival Santa Ana Honda
2016 marks the sixth consecutive year that the Honda Odyssey has won as the best minivan for families. It is the longest streak in the awards history. The 2016 Honda Odyssey comes with everything that a family needs. This year, families can travel to the great summer destination, Long Beach...[read more]

Who wins the Honda CR-V vs Toyota Rav4 side by side comparison?

2016 Honda CR-V vs RAV4 Santa Ana
Comparing the 2016 Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 is simple when you take a look at the cars as they are. They have completely different purposes, and they are built for different kinds of people. You will start to lean in favor of the CR-V when you look closely,...[read more]

Choosing Your 2016 Honda Accord Trim: EX vs EX-L

2016 Honda Accord Sedan EX vs EX-L Santa Ana
The 2016 Honda Accord EX and EX-L are both great choices when you are looking to buy your next Sedan. Both Trim options are packed with features, but each one has its own uniqueness, giving you two great cars to choose from. Both models share the latest technological features in comfort, reliability...[read more]

Which Honda Civic LX Sedan Is Right for You?

2016 Honda Civic LX
The 2016 Honda Civic LX has been rated number one in reliability, design, maintenance, and value. Their top of the line fleet of 2016 LX's gives you more highway miles for your gas bucks, an exclusive design, and precisely designed to give you the benefit of knowing a Honda LX...[read more]