Bands with One Hit Wonders to Remember

Remember doing the Macarena? Or singing along to Tainted Love? There have been many songs over the years that have swept the nation and jumped to chart topping spots, making us think we would get great new things from that band or artist only to have them moved into the “One Hit Wonder” Category! Here are some of our Favorite One Hit Wonders, what are yours?

Toni Basil and “Mickey”

“Mickey” was released in 1982 and when you watch the Video you can tell it screams 1980’s pop song! The hair, the outfits, the hilarious dance moves. Unfortunately, as popular as the song was, it wasn’t enough to go much farther than the one hit wonder list!

Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music”

Before Toni Basil lit up the radio waves with Mickey Wild Cherry brought Play that Funky Music to your ears in the late 1970’s. I suppose one great hit in the ‘70s is nothing compared to winning a Television Singing competition these days, because none of the other Wild Cherry singles came close to the Play That Funky Music popularity.

The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

In 1997 The Verve released Bitter Sweet Symphony and they began to get noticed for the first time in their struggle to make it to the top. Unfortunately, the band did not stay together long after their one hit wonder due to internal issues in the band.

There are so many one hit wonders out there, and luckily they will stay with us forever in the form of old music videos and digital downloads!