Bands with One Hit Wonders to Remember

One Hit Wonders
Remember doing the Macarena? Or singing along to Tainted Love? There have been many songs over the years that have swept the nation and jumped to chart topping spots, making us think we would get great new things from that band or artist only to have them moved into the...[read more]

2017 Honda Ridgeline: A Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline Santa Ana
The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has been making headlines in the world of pickup trucks with its unique tailgate and other innovative features. The Ridgeline is unlike any other pickup on the market in Santa Ana. This all-new model makes it capable on any terrain or with a heavy trailer. It...[read more]

Discovery Cube Orange County Make Science Fun for Kids

Discovery Cube Orange County
Discovery Cube in Orange County is the perfect place for you children if they love science and learning how things work! The Discovery Cube in Orange County has more than 100 science exhibits for children to interact with. This isn’t a “do not touch” kind of museum, this is a...[read more]

Honda Supports Education with Scholarships

Honda Scholarships California
Honda has always worked to create close ties with local communities and improve the lives of clients and others. To help with this goal, Honda awards scholarships for students to attend college during the fall. The scholarships were awarded in August, and they help students afford their undergraduate education. The Honda...[read more]

Which Fuel Efficient Honda Is Right for You?

Fuel Efficient Honda Santa Ana
Searching for a fuel-efficient Honda to drive around Santa Ana is not a challenge by any means. In addition to a range of hybrid models, both new and used, you can find a range of efficient sedans and SUVs. Here are some of the most popular Hondas with top efficiency. Honda...[read more]

Why the Honda Fit Should Be Your Top Choice for California

Honda Fit California
Learn more about the Honda Fit to find out why it is the perfect vehicle for driving around California. Whether you are headed to the beach or going downtown to do some shopping, the Fit can deliver everything you need at an affordable price. Honda Fit: Great Fuel Economy As a subcompact,...[read more]

Why the Honda CR-Z Won’t Be Returning in 2017

Honda CR-Z Santa Ana
If you love the Honda CR-Z, you may be in for some disappointing news. This sporty hybrid model that seats two will not be returning for the 2017 model year. Although drivers across the country, particularly in California, love hybrids, the CR-Z doesn’t seem to be as popular as the...[read more]

Honda Pilot Turns heads in California

2016 Honda Pilot
With three rows of seating, top performance, and incredible utility, the Honda Pilot is a great alternative for Santa Ana families who don’t want to drive a minivan around California. This SUV is one of the few in its class to combine utility with passenger comfort, offering an excellent ride...[read more]

2017 Honda Accord LX vs. EX vs. EX-L

2017 Honda Accord Santa Ana
The specifications and features of the 2017 Honda Accord are officially out so drivers across the country can get a feel for what the latest version of this popular sedan offers. The Accord Sedan will be available as an LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX, EX-L, EX-L V6, and Touring...[read more]

2016 Honda Civic Sedan vs. 2016 Nissan Sentra

2016 Civic Sentra vs. Nissan Sentra Santa Ana 1
At just a glance, the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan and Nissan Sentra are very similar vehicles. They are nearly identical in size and pricing and even offer similar warranties. Those similarities can make it challenging to choose between the vehicles, but one of these two options will better meet your...[read more]